4 Tips for Effective Trade Show Display Design

Although it is seen as an afterthought in most event marketing and trade show programs, a well-planned tabletop display is one of the most important parts of an in-person marketing program. Whether table covers and displays are being used at a job fair, trade show or recruitment event, companies can follow these tips to create a more compelling display.

Choose the Proper Display for the Event

Tabletop covers and displays are available in a wide selection of styles, and it is important for the company to choose one that’s a good fit for the event. While a small, briefcase-style display may be right for a low-key event, companies should think bigger in most cases, especially if competitors are putting up larger displays with eye-catching graphics.

Create Good Visuals

A trade show exhibitor only has a few seconds to catch visitors’ attention. Therefore, it is important for the exhibitor to create visuals and graphics that effectively communicate the message the company wants to convey. Where trade show displays and table covers are concerned, the most effective examples typically have larger images that tie into the overall event theme or brand message. Because tabletop displays are smaller, prospects can quickly become overwhelmed if there’s too much information in such a small space. It’s best to think of them as billboards rather than brochures.

Cut the Clutter

Just because an exhibit area has a big table, doesn’t mean that the entire space has to be covered in brochures and flyers. Keep the table clear of things that may distract visitors from the display, and keep handouts simple, clear and concise. If extra literature doesn’t help to deliver a valuable message to potential clients or employees, keep it out of sight.

Consider Using Printed Table Covers

Event table covers provide an excellent opportunity to showcase the company’s tagline or logo. Many trade show exhibitors simply use the standard, plain table covers provided by show organizers; however, these often clash with the colors shown in the display. A custom printed table cover can help a company maximize its exhibit space while setting itself apart from the competition.