Best Tips For Making Moving Stress-Free

We know what you’re thinking, “How can moving be stress-free?”. The reality is that moving doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, if you follow our best tips for moving below you’ll be sure to have an enjoyable experience instead of an overly stressed one.

If there’s only one tip we can give you, it would be to plan ahead of time. You want to get all your ducks in a row so when moving day comes around, you’re ready for action. Part of planning ahead of time means doing everything you physically can before moving day. Your items should be packed up and correctly labeled before moving day arrives. Half of the stress of moving comes from the thought of packaging everything up. If you slowly work on doing this over weeks before the move, it can be a breeze. One box a day can make a significant difference in the amount of stress that is present closer to the move.

The next tip we have for you is going to be an ‘Aha’ moment. When you label your boxes, you should color coat them according to the room in your new home they will go in. For example, all your kitchen stuff should have blue on the boxes. All of your bathroom stuff should have yellow on the boxes. This will simplify the process even more than just simply labeling. It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that has moved before that your handwriting tends to get difficult to read on moving day. By simply color coating boxes, moving companies orlando that are helping you can easily figure out what room the box belongs in.

Packaging materials can be another costly expense for any move. You may not realize just how many boxes and rolls of tape you need from the start. You can save yourself some big money by looking for packaging materials ahead of time. For instance, you can check with local grocery stores or online sites like Craiglist to get empty boxes to use for packing. It’s never a bad idea to ask those around you to start saving their boxes a few months before you plan on moving.

While it may seem like a fun family adventure to have your kids and pets there on moving day, you may want to think again. Unless your children are old enough to look after themselves during the move, it’s best to schedule a babysitter. You should look into a pet sitter as well for your cuddly friends. You don’t want to spend most of the day trying to keep your pets from running in and out of the house. When your younger children and your pets are with a trusted caretaker, you can let your sole focus remain on the move.

The above are our best tips for helping you to have a stress-free move. Realize that 90 percent of a stress-free move comes down to properly planning ahead of time. Don’t let aspects of your move up to chance as you’ll already likely be dealing with some unexpected circumstances.