How a Virtual Office Can Benefit Your Business

Australia’s economic landscape can be an entrepreneur’s paradise just in terms of tapping into a diverse and multi-lingual consumer base. Whether your business is a small fledgling one or one with employees, the location of your business is crucial to your success. Because location is so crucial to attracting the right type of traffic, sometimes leasing options can be restrictive and very expensive.

While the economies of some of the country’s major cities are attractive to business interest, rents in these CBD’s can be ridiculously expensive. Fortunately for today’s business owner, there are plenty of opportunities to find adequate, appropriate office space at affordable rates. Ranging from your standard office lease to alternative leasing options, Australia’s commercial real estate has a lease to fit your business needs, including the virtual office, which has its own advantages.

To learn about the advantages of virtual office leasing, continue reading below.

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One of the major benefits of virtual office leasing is you can get most of the amenities of a conventional office leasing without the costly overheads. Many packages include a corporate address, a phone number with a voice mailbox, mail service, and a live receptionist. Depending on the leasing company, business owners might be able to get access to IT services, conference rooms, and private offices as well.

Additionally, this type of lease allows you a little more mobility in that some of the more established office servicing companies can arrange for you to transfer address or use other offices (local and international) within their network.

Fewer Overheads

This type of lease is great for those small business owners or the self-employed who are operating their businesses on a shoestring budget. In essence, the way virtual office leasing works is the business rents the amenities and use of facilities (offices and conference rooms) as opposed to conventional office leases where the business rents the building and provides most of the amenities. More importantly, business owners do not pay for use of the building for every day of the month. Business owners save money monthly because they pay for the use of conference rooms and other amenities as a part of the package, and because they are not in the office every day, the monthly rate is dramatically reduced.

A virtual office is especially attractive for businesses whose operations require they set up in high traffic areas, like major cities. For those paying expensive rents in places like Melbourne, Brisbane or Sydney, the monthly rates are high, especially as you get closer to the business districts. With a virtual lease, you could, technically, run a business from your home while meeting with employees maybe once or twice a week, which costs your business much less as opposed to a standard lease.

Employee Satisfaction

Another major benefit to virtual office leasing relates to reducing work-related stress. With a virtual office, employees only go into the office when there is an actual need to meet as a group. In fact, in a fast-paced technologically-fuelled society, employees can get much of their work done at home while working independently as opposed to wiling away hours in an office.

More significantly, the virtual office cuts down on the commute time required while travelling in and out of many business districts. Ultimately, a virtual office gives employees more control in determining their work schedule, which can only lead to happier, more productive employees.


A virtual office lease is very flexible in that the standard setup allows room for your business to grow. If you are unsure whether you want to open an office or even relocate to a new spot, a virtual office lease is an open-ended one that can be modified to suit your needs, if you decide the location is appropriate.

In comparison to a conventional office lease, which locks you into a term between one and five years, the length of the lease depends on your business needs and budget.

The Benefits Outweigh the Costs

Industries such as energy, education, tourism, and finance have all found Australia an open market for business opportunities. To compete against some of the major players in these sectors, modern business culture still dictates that image above all things matter, even at the expense of your budget. However, with virtual office solutions, you can spend more money and time on the business while still presenting a corporate image and take your business to new heights.