How to Get a StartUp Job? Format Your Resume Properly

So, you want to get a startup job? What does a startup founder want in their employees? Your resume may become the deciding factor during the job hunting process, and with the startups it can become even more essential.

Professional writers from ResumArea resume writing company can help every job seeker format their application document properly. However, if you want to tailor your own resume, here are the tips on how to build a persuasive and interview-winning document.

Ask for Recommendation

One of the fastest ways to win an interview is to get a recommendation or referral. Raj Aggarwal, the CEO and founder of Localytics, a mobile analytics startup agrees that those candidates who were referred by trusted people or current employees usually get first dibs in many companies. Therefore, it may be the easiest option for you to stand out as getting referred by reliable contacts will help you connect with a startup you are willing to work for.

Try to find someone who can introduce you to the HR manager or recommend you to a job – and your job interview will become a reality. If you can’t find anyone, you can still search on LinkedIn for some startup recruiters who can recommend you to several business owners.

Make Your Resume Worth Reading 

Your main application document needs to be polished as a badly formatted resume can ruin your chances to land a startup job. The recruiters won’t believe that you are a well-organized person if you can’t arrange a single word doc.

So, choose a legible font, use correct spacing and add titles to make your resume flow. Also, keep your document to one page as the recruiters have limited time to spend on each applicant’s resume. Just include the most relevant and important things in it.

You may ask your friend or roommate to read through your resume and see if they can follow the layout without being confused. In case the document is hard to understand, head back and make it readable.

Outshine the Competition

Include sections below your headings to demonstrate your ability to perform tasks. Enumerate your responsibilities and showcase the impact they have made.

You may also want to demonstrate your individual, personal contributions instead of mixing them with your team of coworkers. Startup recruiters would like to see your personal impact, something that wouldn’t have been achieved unless you were there to get things done.

A great way to test your resume is by reading it to a friend and asking if they can correctly sum up your contribution at every position.

StartUp Mix

How much of your resume has to do with startups? If you have never worked at a startup before, this percentage would be low. But don’t worry as you can go ahead and educate yourself by applying for classes at Startup Institute or General Assembly.

Getting involved in the Startup Weekend is also a great idea. These resources would, first of all, let you understand whether you actually want to work at a startup.

The Importance of Networking

When you are looking for a job opening in a startup you should do your best and network your way in it. How? By searching the members of the startup, befriending them and asking them for an intro to the HR manager.

You may easily find these people at conferences where they present and promote their product. Simply attend these events and try to have some personal time with the speaker and send them a follow-up email the next day with relevant information.

Follow these tips and snag that job interview!