In this paper we will not learn about Android and all matters relating to its features. However we will share a tool called Blue Stacks. Blue Stacks is a tool used to run android applications into a PC with windows 7 or Mac operating system. Why windows 7 and Mac? Yes right from there already indeed for now this tool can’t run on other OS like windows Xp et al.

With Blue stacks over 750 thousand android applications you can run on windows 7 or Mac. You can run Android games using your laptop or PC. You can download this tool directly from its website at File size for windows 7 is big enough that is approximately 120 MB. This measure is not worth the satisfaction it gives. Blue stacks with the jargon website “Run Mobile Apps on Windows or Mac” is guaranteed to be a non-disappointing tool 🙂 will really invite you to run your android smartphone app on your windows.

How to Run an Android Application on a Computer or Laptop

After downloading blue stacks app player, please install this tool on your pc or laptop using windows 7 OS. Then then please run the application from the start menu with the display as drawn below. Blues tacks that have been installed by default have been equipped with approximately 10 apps that we can play. As for other Applications you can see directly from Very cool is not it? Well now you can play the Android games on your PC.

Such articles How to Run Android Applications on a Computer or Laptop may help you all to further develop your knowledge and skills about the world of Information technology devices.