How to Use Full Color Postcards for Business

Postcards are an affordable and versatile marketing tool that every business owner should learn how to use to their advantage. They are one of the few forms of advertising that work equally well for any size or type of company. It is a personal way to contact current and potential customers and it does not require endless hours of cold calling. They have many uses and can be sent individually or ordered in bulk to cover a specific area or demographic group. Here are some of the potential ways to use Full Color Postcards for Business.

  • Send a brief note to current customers to remind them they are due for another visit.
  • Include a discount code for online purchases or phone sales or request they redeem the coupon on the postcard at the business location.
  • Let customers know about a new business address, phone number or website.
  • Tell people about the latest product offered or an upcoming building expansion.
  • Routinely send out postcards to new clients that include a short thank you note and all contact information for the company.
  • Let locals know about a grand opening, big sale or other exciting event taking place at the business location.
  • Offer a special gift or discounted rate for all new customers that redeem the postcard within a specific period of time.
  • Use the postcard as an all-in-one option instead of also printing leaflets and brochures. Include a brief description of the business and all contact information on the postcard and direct the reader to find out more on the company website.

Postcards reduce paper waste, require less postage than a letter and envelope and the majority of people will automatically flip them over to read the information when they retrieve them from their mailbox. This makes them one of the most effective forms of advertising available today. They save time for the office staff because there are no envelopes to worry about and they are easy to store for the same reason. Customers will find them convenient as well because they can be tucked in a handbag or mounted on a memo board or refrigerator for future reference.