Optimal Protection at Home and Office

A stand-alone safe probably corresponds most to the image that the majority of people have in mind when thinking of safes. Although there are different sizes, which vary according to what is to be kept in the stand, but mostly it has a rectangular shape and is between one and two meters high. The cover is usually made of steel and can be multi-walled to increase protection. The color can usually be chosen freely and should be aligned with the appearance of the room in which the Standtresor is to be accommodated.

Frequently, a stand-alone safe is manufactured in such a way that it has the highest possible weight. Usually it is neither connected to the floor nor to the wall, and can be borne theoretically by a burglar from the house. Professional criminals have special tools and machines to destroy the vault. So that it does not come so far, the stand is so heavy that it can be lifted by one or two people impossible.

This, of course, also has a disadvantage: a stand-alone safe, which is heavy in weight, can not be easily accommodated in every building. The point load in the building can cause considerable damage. In addition, it is important to note that lifts are usually only able to carry a minimum weight. In order to be able to transport a heavy floor into a higher floor, a stable and as wide as possible staircase has to be available.

As a rule, each safe is rated by a central test center and is given the appropriate seal of quality. Two basic properties of safes can be distinguished: The protection against break-in, which is ensured by a stable outer wall and a reliable lock, and the fire protection, which ensures that the contents of the safe are kept as long as possible during fires and extremely high temperatures is undamaged.

In addition, there is protection against smoke and low-water effects, which also occur in the event of a fire. It is important to pay attention to the different ratings, because which safe is the most suitable depends strongly on what you want to protect. Thus, for example, paper is much more heat-sensitive than certain data carriers, such as floppy disks or CDs. Therefore, you should select a safe with high fire safety to store cash.

In any case, it is important to contact the insurer in case of large property valuations. Both in the private sector as well as in companies, there are insurance policies on how high values must be kept. Too low a vault may result in the insurance not being paid for theft. You can protect yourself against such a huge financial loss by purchasing a high-quality stand-alone safe.