Stop getting messed up during shifting

When you are shifting from one home to another, you always want the shifting to be easy as well as completely hassle free with all the work done with utmost efficiency and care so that the fragile things you have do not break. In order to keep all your things safe and your shifting easy, without a headache, you need to take care of the boxes you are using! Sounds weird huh! But that’s true indeed. Surely, you will get to know about this in the next few lines below.

Types of shifting boxes:

There are basically types of boxes to make your shifting easy:

  • Small boxes
  • Medium-size boxes
  • Large size boxes
  • Boxes for kitchen stuff
  • Wardrobe box
  • Mattress box
  • Boxes for offices

All about these boxes:

 Now, all about these boxes here, you will get to know that where these all boxes come in use and how will they make your shifting work easy with fewer expenses.

  • Starting with the first one i.e. the small boxes these small boxes as the name suggests, their size will be small but large enough to accommodate your small things such as your small appliances, tape recorder, your books, shoes, small sewing machine, cassettes, and CDs etc. These boxes are very easy to carry and can be easily kept in the car.
  • Medium size boxes are suitable for packing of flower pots, kids toys, decorative, lamps etc. just apply a bubble wrap in it so that the things remain tight in it and do not break due to a sudden jerk.
  • Large size boxes are good to carry the pillows, blankets etc. although the boxes are large try to keep less amount of things in it as during the time of unloading it will get difficult to unload such a large and heavy box.
  • Boxes for kitchen stuff are designed in such a way that the fragile things such as crockeries/ dinner sets and other things such as coffee maker, air fryers etc. they all are accommodated in it. But yes do not forget to pack them tightly using bubble wrap to add an extra layer of safety to your utensils and other kitchen objects.
  • Wardrobe boxes are another set of boxes that are specially designed that you do not need to fold you dresses or clothes that are in hanger i.e. it is just like moving your whole cupboard or wardrobe as it is without any problem.
  • Also, mattress boxes are there that are according to your mattress size i.e. king size mattress or any other
  • Finally, it’s your office box i.e. especially there to shift all your important office stuff such as important files, papers, small things on your desk such as pen stand, paperweight etc.

If you need to know more, here are some other tips that might help during your shifting procedure, these are as follows:

  • Try to pack your things according to these boxes so that your valuable things stay safe.
  • Try to pack your things by applying color codes on the boxes according to the room colors you have that would be easy to place the things at right place without getting confused that which box will go in which room while unloading.

Try to start packing things few days prior to shifting so that things just aren’t messed up.