The Curse Of Cycle Of Trades

There are many people in Forex who cannot make their own money. They think they can make a lot of profit but in real life trading, they lose their trading capital. You will find a lot of these people in the markets and many of them have fallen in the curse of the cycle of trades. This is one curse many traders do not know and you can lose all of your money if you do not get out of that cycle. You may have a lot of trading in this market and you may never have heard what this curse of the cycle of trades is. This article is going to tell you what is this cycle and why this cycle of trades is called a curse in Forex. The more you read this article, you will find that you do not know at all about this market. This market has many things yet to be discovered and this article will tell you about one secret curse of trades in Forex.

What is the cycle of trades?

Many people think it is overtrading. This is not overtrading and you will find a lot of difference in this cycle. People who have fallen in this cycle cannot think of anything but trades. They are not overtrading the market but they are addicted to Forex. They want to place trades in every market and cannot wait to get the thrill of placing the trade. We know it is very exciting as we have also started our career in Forex a long time ago. We did not know this cycle of trades and the more we trade in this market. We realized it was a curse for the traders. This cycle of trades makes you trade the market all the time without any breaks and you do not realize what you are losing in Forex.

Addiction to trading

How much time do you really spend on trading? If you are new to this industry, you might spend all day and night in front of your trading screen. But the pro traders only open their professional trading platform during specific trading hours. They know very well that doing nothing is the best thing that they can do in this industry. If you stay on the sideline 99% of the time and trade actively the remaining 1% of the time, it’s enough to make your rich. Make sure that you are not getting addicted to trading.

Addiction the financial market is really very dangerous. The majority of the traders lose a big amount of trading capital due to overtrading the market. They always think about the profit factor and place their trade with a big lot. Unlike the novice traders, the pro traders are always concerned about the risk factor in the Forex market. They always trade with low-risk exposure. They know very well the outcome of each trade is random and they can never have winning trades 100% of the time. For this very reason, they only risk 2-3% of their trading capital in each trade. If you can follow this simple rule of money management, you can easily make a profit in the long run.

Why is it called a curse?

Many of you can imagine why this is called a curse in Forex. There is no way you can make the profit in a market if you have fallen in this vicious cycle of trades. This cycle of trades fogs your mind and you will not know what trends are good for trading. A curse is something that will slowly make you lose your profit and if you do not get out of this cycle, you will lose your money in Forex. People do not realize what they are doing in Forex and they think trading is the only way to make your profits in Forex. You have to trade with an open mind and never fall in the cycle of trades in Forex when you trade.