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Should Antlers Be Given To Dogs? It is common for dogs to receive dog antlers at least once. There are also people who dismiss the idea for fear that it is harmful to dogs. The truth is that they are actually safe. That is the reason for people to use antlers as treats for these four-legged beings. To know more on why and how antlers are good for dogs, read on. Dogs actually can chew on deer antlers. It is animal nature that wolves, dogs, coyotes and even rats in the wild scour the lands searching for antlers. No one knows exactly why they chew on antlers but it is believed that they get minerals and nutrients from those antlers. These stuff from deer do have plenty of calcium and other minerals and it sounds sensible. Dogs need calcium for stronger bones and teeth. To make the long story short, the dogs get the nutrients from chewing on antlers, the same way that animals do in the wild. Due to this, veterinarians agreed that given dogs these treats is indeed good for them.
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So this goes to say that these antlers are not dangerous to dogs and instead they are nutritious and they last for a long time. In contrast, milk bones or raw hide would never last as long. Antlers are very tough and your dog will surely enjoy chewing on them for hours and more.
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Dogs will get more benefits from these spikes. Antlers can actually keep your dog’s teeth cleaner, stronger and healthier. Dog’s also can easily get rid of food particles and plaque that gets deposited on teeth as time goes by. This, in effect, will keep the dog from suffering tooth decay or tooth loss. Deer antlers will not give off a bad smell even after dogs have started chewing off of it unlike what happens with chew toys like raw hides. Careful supervision must be given to dogs when they grind their teeth on those antlers even if they are not harmful to dogs and the reason is simple because dogs can gag with anything including their food. In this regard, throw away the antler when it has already become too small. Now with those facts in mind, how does a dog owner normally offer antlers to their pets. Of course, you would not want to give the dog the whole thing so it is better to cut them up in more manageable or smaller chunks. You will need to use a hacksaw or other sharp objects you have to cut it into bits that are about 6 inches in length. In summary, it is always ideal to give dogs antlers as chew treats because of the benefits that they provide. It is worth mentioning that they are cheap. Go here for information on where to buy Antler dog chew.